BailCo Bail Bonds: 24-hour Bail Bonds in Hartford, CT (2023)

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Rely on a trusted bail bondsman any time of day or night.

BailCo Bail Bonds: 24-hour Bail Bonds in Hartford, CT (1)

BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester can provide you with responsive, convenient, and affordable bail bonds. No matter what your situation may be, you can depend on every bail bondsman and woman at BailCo to support and guide you or your loved one through the bail posting process. You can rely on us to help you at a time when a person you care for is accused of a sex crime, domestic violence, weapon violation, white-collar crime, or drug crime. Your time of need is a time when we’re here to offer affordable and stress-free bail bond services. You can reach out to us 24/7, all year round, and find solace in our bail bonding services in Hartford.

Emergency? Call us 24/7

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$500+ Bail Bonds

BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester offers convenient bail bonds from $500 with minimum fees prescribed by the State of Connecticut. Our services cover all kinds of bonds, however small or large, including those for sex crimes, larceny, white collar crimes, and more.

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FTA with collateral

If you are looking for a bail bondsman who specializes in writing Failure to Appear (FTA) services with collateral in Hartford, make sure to give us a call. We are fully qualified to provide you with the most convenient and beneficial solution to your FTA situation.

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24-hour response

We offer 24-hour bail bond services, every week across the area. We are known for our swift response and unrelenting commitment to arranging hassle-free bail bonds for all of our clients, no matter the situation they are in. Rely on us for all your emergencies.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority

At BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester, we are fully committed to ensuring optimal efficiency, confidentiality, and convenience with each aspect of our bail bonding services in Hartford. Each bondsman and woman on our team will approach your situation with due care and respect, making sure to come up with the best possible solution to your bail situation. We treat each client with honesty and courtesy, and work hard to provide them with stress-free services each time. We’re here to ensure efficient and fast bail bond services for different offenses, including sex crimes, drug crimes, weapon violations, white-collar offenses, and domestic violence charges, among others.

Our bail bond services

We offer all kinds of bail bonds to our valued clients. We’re here to provide assistance if your loved one has been accused of sex crimes, drug crimes, weapon violations, domestic violence, or white-collar crime. BailCo has agents available in Hartford 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as we do throughout Connecticut. Call us now for the fastest, most affordable bail bond services.

We are at your beck and call for immigration bond services. Count on us to work with all parties to ensure the process runs smoothly.


bail bonds

BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester is your top pick for reliable and efficient larceny and theft bail bonds across the Hartford, CT area.


bail bonds

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Our bondsmen and women have years of experience in posting confidential and convenient bail bonds for all kinds of juvenile crimes.


bail bonds

If you need a dedicated bail bondsman for any kind of burglary crime in Hartford, look no further than BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester.


bail bonds

We provide confidential bail bond services for sexual offenses you can depend on any time of day or night, all year round.

Sex crime

bail bonds

We can also help you with bails for probation and parole violations. We’ll do everything in our power to make things go smoothly.

Parole & probation

violation bail bonds

If you or a loved one has been charged with a marijuana-related offense, depend on our bail bondsman to handle the situation.


bail bonds

We are also your go-to bail bond company if you need white collar crime bail bonds for financial fraud, tax evasion, or any other similar offense.


crime bail bonds

If you need help posting your bond for a weapon violation, you can count on us any time of day or night. Call us now to learn about our bail bond services.

Weapons violation

bail bonds

You can depend on our trusted bail bond agents to secure your or your loved one’s release after an assault charge and make sure everything goes smoothly.


Bail Bonds

BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester is your go-to company if you need confidential bail bonding services for computer crimes of all types.

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Computer Crime

Bail Bonds

Having a professional bail bondsman post your bond for a disorderly conduct charge is the best way to minimize your inconvenience and stress.

Disorderly Conduct

Bail Bonds

We offer bail bonds for all kinds of domestic violence charges in Hartford and across CT. Count on us to treat you or your loved one with due respect.

Domestic Violence

Bail Bonds

Securing pretrial release for drug crimes can be difficult, especially if you post your bail yourself. Contact BailCo Bail Bonds and maximize your chances

Drug Crime

Bail Bonds

Have you or your loved one been charged with a DUI offense? We can provide you with convenient and confidential bail bonding services across Hartford.


Bail Bonds

No matter the type of felony you or your loved one have been charged with, you can rely on our experienced agents to handle the situation with care and determination.


Bail Bonds

At BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester, we specialize in FTA bail bonds with or without collateral, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need assistance.

FTA Failure to

Appear Bail Bonds

Identity theft is a serious offense that can result in significant bail amounts. Make sure to contact us if you need help posting bail for yourself or a loved one.

Identity Theft

Bail Bonds

BailCo Bail Bonds: 24-hour Bail Bonds in Hartford, CT (6)

Hire a 24-hour bail bondsman in Hartford, CT

Call us anytime for dependable and confidential bail bonds.


Local: (860) 727-1171

Frequently asked questions

What is the process of posting bail?

If you get arrested in Hartford, you may be granted pretrial release and requested to pay a certain bail amount, determined by the court. If you pay this amount in full and meet all obligations to the court, you will get the full bail amount back. If the defendant doesn’t have enough money to post their bail, they can rely on a professional bail bondsman to provide them with a surety bond.

BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester can keep you aware of what you need to do in order to start the bail process in Hartford. We provide information regarding what you will need to bond someone out of jail and the fees associated with this process. Our staff can also tell you when you should use a surety bail agent and the details about a surety bond. Surety bond agents often operate in different manners and we can provide you with information on things to look for. We are also aware of contingencies in regards to collateral, cosigners, information necessary to place a bond and bond regulations.

Can you bond yourself out of jail?

Yes, you can post your own bail if you have the money to pay for the full amount. If you do not, a family member, friend, or anyone over the age of 18 may post bail for you. However, you should keep in mind that it’s not advisable to post a cash bond if you cannot afford to lose all of your money. In such situations, individuals typically reach out to a bail bond company to post their bail for them and handle the situation with confidentiality and professionalism.

How long does the bond process take?

The duration of the bail bonding process can vary greatly depending on the situation. If you or your loved one gets arrested, your bail bondsman in Hartford will post your bond once the paperwork has been dealt with and the bond has been paid for. After this, it can take anywhere between half and hour to 12 hours for the defendant to be released. In general, the entire process usually lasts between 4 and 8 hours.

The BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester staff is up to speed with all of the current bail bonds industry news in and around the Hartford area. We are constantly checking new and updated laws pertaining to the industry and we can convey the ramifications of these changes. This helps us expedite the process and avoid any hang-ups caused by new regulations. We also pay close attention to news articles related to the industry to better inform and serve our clients. This gives our staff and clients familiarity with more complex situations.

Who keeps the bail money?

If the defendant posts their bail in full and meets all obligations, they will typically receive their bail money back. In most cases, this is true even if the defendant gets convicted. However, the defendant may wait for months or even years for their money to be returned. Not only that but the state can also deduct fees from the amount and drastically reduce it. This is because courts often use the defendant’s bail money to pay for any costs accrued by them.

Who offers 24-hour bail bonds in Hartford, CT?

BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester is a long-standing company offering reliable and convenient bail bonding services to residents of Hartford. We offer bail bonds in any amount, for all kinds of crimes, from parole violations and theft to sexual offenses and financial fraud.

In addition to Hartford, we also offer confidential bail bonds in Manchester, dependable bail bonding services in Vernon, and many other areas across Connecticut. Get in touch with us and enjoy our fast response, hassle-free services, a variety of payment options, and great customer support. You can also depend on us to give you all the directions to the Hartford Judicial District and Hartford Police Department, and other bail-related information. Contact us now.

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You first stop for dependable and confidential bail bond services in Hartford

When you’re charged with any crime you can expect to experience stress and adversity. That’s why you should rely on BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester to help you through these difficult times for your entire family and you. We offer fast, convenient, and easily-accessible bail bonds for a wide range of alleged offenses in Hartford and the surrounding communities. We can provide bail bond services for drug and sex crimes, weapon violations, domestic violence, and white-collar crime.

We’re honest and experienced professionals with detailed knowledge of all the necessary laws, procedures, and requirements present in the process of achieving bail in various legal scenarios. We ensure a swift and reliable process that will help you post bail and breathe the free air again. What’s more, we focus on confidentiality and highly value discretion to prevent damage to your reputation. Reach out to us today!

How will a judge determine the amount of bail in a sex crime?

The judge takes several different factors into account when determining the amount of bail for different sex crime charges in Hartford and other surrounding communities. Those factors are:

  • How serious the alleged crime is
  • Whether the defendant has previous criminal history
  • Whether the defendant has previous history of failing to appear in front of the court

The main reason behind setting bail is for the judge and the court to ensure the defendant appears in court for the trial. If the individual is unable to meet the requirements of the set bond, they can turn to a bondsman and enlist their assistance. At BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester, we offer convenient, fast, and discreet bail bond services that will help you through an extremely difficult time. Reach out to us today!

What are the most common white-collar crimes?

White-collar offenses in Hartford and other surrounding CT communities come in different forms. It’s important to be familiar with the most frequent white-collar crimes, as the type and the severity of the alleged crime will influence the amount of bail the court can set for each individual case. The most common white-collar offenses are:

  • Running a type of Ponzi scheme
  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Unfair trade
  • Illegal payments and bribery of government officials
  • False statements and claims
  • Environmental offenses
  • Various computer crimes, including identity theft
  • Tax fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Mortgage frauds
  • Medicaid and Medicare frauds
  • Corporate frauds
  • Bank frauds

How much is bail for a gun charge?

Local courts in Connecticut can impose different amounts of bail for gun offenses depending on the type and the severity of the alleged crime. Also, the judge takes other circumstances of the case into account when determining the bail. This makes it difficult to provide an estimate on the amount of bail a defendant can receive for weapon violation charges in Hartford and other counties of Connecticut.

Can you receive bail if charged with a federal drug offense?

Yes, you can receive bail if charged with a drug crime in Hartford or anywhere else in the state of Connecticut. In fact, receiving bail is one of your rights as the defendant. However, the judge and the court can deny bail in case the defendant has previous history related to drug offenses, making them an unsuitable candidate.

Also, even if you receive bail it may be too high for you to pay. That’s when you should turn to a reputable bail bond company to help you. We’re here to provide easy and fast service that will help you through a very difficult time.

How much is a bail bond for domestic violence charges?

In the majority of cases and under most circumstances, domestic violence charges in Hartford, CT constitute a misdemeanor. This means that the amount of bail can be $500. However, depending on each individual case and surrounding circumstances, bail could be higher.

When it comes to domestic violence bail bonds, a reputable provider of bail bond services will require 10% of the entire bail, which is a standard fee in Connecticut.

Which legal institutions determine bail in Hartford?

When it comes to the process of determining the amount of bail for different offenses in Hartford, CT, there are different institutions involved in the process. The two most important entities are:

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1. ABC Bail Bonds Connecticut 860-278-5245
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(ABC Bail Bonds)
4. Addison, CT Bail Bonds
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5. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group - Bail Bonds Agent New London | 860-339-6967
(Connecticut Bail Bonds Group)
6. New Britain Bail Bonds | Local CT Bondsman 860-278-5245
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